Pick8ship Use Cases (examples)

Groceries / Quick commerce

Challenges traditional systems

Space and labor intensive processes, low productivity

Inflexible capital intensive automation, hard to scale

Cumbersome sorting & loading

Pick8ship (highlights)

Verdichtete Lagerung (+60%), hohe Produktivität (x2 bis x4)

High density storage (+60%) and productivity x2 to x4

Flexibly salable from a 40m2 delivery store with 1’000 articles to automated Micro Fulfillment Center with 250 to over 500m2

High density transport, sorting and delivery, including returns

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City logistics / urban commerce

Challenges traditional systems

Focused on direct deliveries or B2B replenishment

Only manual sorting, delivery, pick-up and returns

Very high cost, large floor space required

With Pick8ship

High performance automated sorting with minimal footprint

Full Service capabilities (Sorting, delivery, 24/7 Pick-up, fulfillment)

Efficient integration of pick-up, returns and new services

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Urban fashion & sports platform

Challenges traditional systems

So far only big box systems available (>50’000m2)

Inflexible and capital intensive

Hard to scale

Pick8ship (highlights)

Urban fashion platform with high density storage

Fast picking and replenishment

Flexibly salable from a 80m2 backs-store fulfilment to 250 to over 500m2 automated Micro Fulfillment

High density pick-up, delivery, including returns

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B2B Replenishment (Retail/Industrial/ Health & Care)

Challenges traditional systems

Mainly pallet or carboard box based

Large amount of manual handling and packaging waste

Cumbersome receive processes for customers, no value added service

Pick8ship (highlights)

Fine sorted high density deliveries, ready for fast replenishment and storage

Fast and efficient processes

E-commerce/Multichannel ready, optional flexible automation

Circular offerings, up to 90% reduction of packaging waste

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