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“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

The Vision of Pick8ship® is a new multi-use system for e-commerce logistics. The objective is a better user experience of consumers and businesses in sending and receiving shipments. Online retailers, logistics- and parcel service providers can achieve a step change in performance with savings in the range of 30-60% on operating costs and investments. In addition, the environment is sustainably relieved of the packaging waste of e-commerce.

The idea for Pick8ship® was born from the pain of a father of a family of five with parcel deliveries, returns and disposal of waste, a thorough end-to-end analysis of e-commerce logistics and the unconventional life of the founder and CEO Dr. Josef Haid. He is an entrepreneur from Zurich and is the inventor of the Pick8ship system. Josef founded and co-founded several companies. Before that, he worked for McKinsey & Company in Zurich for 8 years, above all in consulting for logistics, retail, industry and high-tech as well as M&A. Prior to that, he spent over 10 years with a private group of companies, at the end as CEO of the areas of catering equipment and commercial real estate, where he initiated and managed the development of a multifunctional cooking system and supervised major project developments in the real estate sector. The fascination of achieving quantum leaps in terms of productivity, flexibility and costs through new approaches and system solutions has never left him. Josef Haid studied Economics at the University of Zurich and completed his doctorate there.

The Pick8ship® Technology AG from Zurich, Switzerland develops the hardware, the operating system and the software for the Pick8ship system together with industry partners.

Pick8ship presents at the K5 Future Retail Conference in Berlin on June 4.+ 5. 2019.

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